Goodbye Rollerskate!

We closed a chapter in our lives today.

Our Suzuki Samurai has been with us for our whole Rwandan adventure. It has taught us more about how many individual pieces of a vehicle can burn up/fray/break/wear out/die than any other vehicle we’ve owned. Robin learned to drive a manual transmission in the Samurai.

But it wasn’t safe. It was like rattling around in a tin can on wheels. We couldn’t trust it with a baby. So we bought the Mercedes (aka The Tank) and the Samurai collected dust.

Ellie Jo rode in it once. I had to go down the road to the Crowson’s to do laundry and the Mercedes was broken. It made for a cute photo op: Ellie Jo strapped into a highchair seat next to the load of diapers. But it was a one-time desperate move.

Today, Robin handed the Samurai over to a new young couple. They are just beginning their own Rwandan adventure and needed a tiny rollerskate of a car to help them along.

Goodbye small car. Goodbye cute bumper stickers. I’ll be looking for your “Simplify,” “Support our Teachers” and “Harding Alumni” stickers around town.

Hello to our future full of family sedans.

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