Um, Mrs. Crocker???

They thought she’d just pull up on their fingers and stand there. They weren’t expecting her to immediately take off and pull them along!

I’m really enjoying interacting with Ellie Jo as a person right now. I feel like she’s turned the corner from “baby” to “toddler” just because she has opinions on things. She’s analytical and silly and curious and sweet. She recognizes the word “Dog” and immediately starts searching for a dog. She recognizes the sign for “eat” and gets really excited when she sees it. She’s resilient and bounces back from falls onto the tile surprisingly quickly. Last night, as she was falling asleep, she got into a really silly mood and kept trying to suck on my nose. She’d giggle and giggle as her face got closer and closer to mine.

I’ve also noticed an interesting change happening with me as she grows older. Immediately after her birth I was ready to have another baby. I loved being pregnant and her birth was so interesting that I couldn’t wait to do it again. I thought it was going to feel like forever until we decided that we were ready for another baby.

But, now, I’m loving just being able to focus on Ellie Jo. Sure, I want more kids at some point and I know that I will be very excited about them. At this moment, though, I just want to get acquainted with my daughter. I want to explore with her and find out what interests her. I guess I don’t really know how to explain this. I think I’m moving from the “idea” of kids to the “event” of kids. In the abstract I wanted a fun noisy full house. In reality I’m enjoying the quiet one-on-one time. I’m enjoying snuggling with books. I’m enjoying giggling with blankets over our heads. I’m enjoying playing with baby dolls and necklaces and sharing pick-nicks on the floor with a tea towel, crackers and hummus.

So…just some thoughts…


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