Tree Tomatoes

I wanted to make a fruit cobbler for Easter. Robin’s mom has a delicious recipe (she fixed it for our wedding rehearsal dinner, in fact) and I’ve never had the chance to try it out. After a bit of deliberation about the required “fruit pie filling” I decided to make my own filling from tree tomatoes…otherwise known as Prunes de Japon or something in Kinyarwanda that I can’t remember right now.

Thursday I wrote out my market list for Theo and included “30 tree tomatoes.” I wasn’t sure if they were in season so, when I handed him the list, I asked, “Is it possible to get the tree tomato just now? Is it the right time of the year?”
Theo: “Oh yes, it is possible. Just now?”
Me: “Yes, just now.”

I went back inside and was startled to see him immediately head out the gate. Normally he changes into his nicer clothes for a trip to the market and also takes his bike. 5 minutes later he was back with a tiny paper sack. How in the world had he fit 30 tree tomatoes in that tiny sack?

He set the sack on the counter and left.

I peeked inside…

…and saw THREE shiny red tomatoes.

Later in the day I got my tree tomatoes, but I felt so bad that Theo thought I needed tomatoes RIGHT NOW that I used those three nice tomatoes and made curry for lunch.

Photo credit: Dad


2 Responses to “Tree Tomatoes”

  1. I love reading about your relationship with Theo. It’s such a novel concept here in the states to have someone that works around your house. I find it so interesting to see how he has become part of the fabric of your everyday life.

  2. It is fascinating that children discover things without knowing that their ‘discovery’ was a part of normal life. I feel that same juvenille wonder when I read about food on your blog. Tree tomatos? I didn’t even know such fruit existed. It makes me curious what all I really don’t know. Thanks, Amy!

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