10 Months

By Robin

April 24, 2011


Category: By Amy


Our Sri Lankan friend brought Ellie Jo’s Easter dress back after spring break. It just made my day all day today!

The last month has been about MOBILITY!!! She’s now crawling around on her own and walking with at least one hand on something. She’s always on the move. Sometimes it’s just a matter of moving back and forth from the kitchen to the living room so she can keep tabs on both Momma and Daddy.

This month she also successfully began her own bedtime routine. It goes something like this: fuss to say “I’m tired,” nurse in bed for a bit, roll out of Momma’s arms onto the bed, crawl over to inspect the fan, pull up on the edge of the crib, sit down, fall over onto the bed, crawl over to Momma, curl up, fall asleep. The great thing is…it rarely takes longer than 15 minutes total from fuss to sleep.

She’s also showing a lot of personality. Her emotions are always right on the surface. Thankfully her emotions are pretty positive, but we (Momma and Daddy) have had plenty of laughs over brief meltdowns when she doesn’t like something. Just this week she became very upset when I tried to get her to walk holding onto only one of my fingers. She immediately collapsed onto the floor and began the intake of air to scream. Except she held that face for so long that she lost the rest of her muscle control and fell all the way onto the floor before she could get another breath. It was very hard to not laugh.

Good to know she’s got spunk.


2 Responses to “10 Months”

  1. Lol! Kermit can’t hold a candle to her now! Look how tiny he is in the back!
    I just love that expression of hers: “I can, and I will.” Such an adorable girl!

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