Just a Typical Day

Yesterday was a pretty typical day at Chez Crocker. It went something like this:

-Birds begin making noise outside around 5:30. The sky begins to lighten. I notice these things as Ellie Jo begins her routine 2 hours of morning restlessness before awakening.

-6 a.m. Robin’s alarm goes off. He begins his day. I doze off and on as he goes about his morning routine. Our houseworker, Theo, arrives and begins washing the dinner dishes.

-7 a.m. Kiss Robin goodbye. Nurse Ellie Jo (who is loudly protesting with her eyes closed) every 5 minutes until she finally realizes that she can just open. her. eyes. around 7:30.

-Take Ellie Jo to the potty, play in bed, dress both of us and generally hang out in the bedroom until Theo has finished sweeping inside and he takes the diapers out to wash. Head to the kitchen for some breakfast around 8:15.

– Play with Ellie Jo and share my breakfast yogurt.

-9 a.m. Put Ellie Jo in the wrap so she’ll fall asleep for her morning nap. While she is asleep respond to school e-mails. Also boil soaked white beans to make hummus.

-10:30 a.m. Ellie Jo wakes up and wants to play.

-12 noon Slice some avocado for lunch. Work on market list for the week. This week we need: onions, celery, lettuce, ginger, bananas, avocados, eggs, zucchini, peas, spinach, broccoli and lemons. Tomatoes and carrots are expensive this season so I leave them off the list. Take the list and money out to Theo.

-12:15 The heavens open and it pours rain. Wonder if Theo will actually make it to the market. Put the Urchin in the mei tai because it’s quick and she’s so tired she falls asleep in 5 minutes. Put her down in her pack ‘n play and make sure the mosquito net is covering the entire thing. She wakes up after 20 minutes.

-1:30 Realize that there isn’t much in the house for dinner if Theo doesn’t make it to the market. Start soaking some rice just in case it is the most filling thing in the house.

-Most of the afternoon: rain, rain, rain. Ellie Jo is trying to cut a second tooth so she is busy, busy. Walk her around the house. Let her pull the clean diapers all over the living room 3 times. Read books over and over. Theo bring in the ironing and she is so excited to see him that he takes her outside to play with the dog for about 10 minutes. He brings her back as soon as she starts to tear up over not being able to see Momma.

-3 p.m. The rain lets up enough that Theo heads to the market. Cook the rice and put it in the refrigerator to cool. Decide on Fried Rice for dinner.

-4:15 p.m. Read more books. Robin calls to say the staff meeting following school has finished and he is on his way home. The Urchin nestles into the wrap for her final nap of the day. Theo gets back from the market, puts the produce away (says he’ll have to stop at the big market tomorrow morning for the lettuce, spinach and broccoli) and goes home.

-5 p.m. Robin arrives home. Ellie Jo wakes up and we Skype with Aunt B for about 15 minutes. It’s nice to catch up a bit.

-5:15 p.m. A missionary friend arrives to borrow some parts to blow up the yoga ball we loaned her. She’s in her second trimester with twins and just starting to get uncomfortable in the evenings. Enjoy the yoga ball!

-5:30 begin to prep dinner.

-6:30 Fried rice for dinner!

-7:30 Get the Urchin ready for bed.

-8:30 Urchin is finally asleep. Settle in to watch an episode of The Tudors on the laptop with Robin.

-9:30 Sleep.


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