Food of late

By Robin

March 28, 2011

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Behold the Tortilla Sushi! Robin thinks the name is a bit off-putting, but “Tortilla California Roll” doesn’t have quite the same ring. We invented these great wraps last week after I made a batch of White Bean Basil Hummus.
-Homemade tortillas (we like homemade the best for these because of the thickness and flavor)
-Spread with the hummus and top with chilled rice, sesame seeds, celery, zucchini spears, carrot spears and avocado.
-Feel incredibly healthy!

Last night we had a pretty good Indian meal. I tried a new recipe for lentils, fixed my paneer curry and made naan for the first time. The naan wasn’t exactly like what we get at the restaurants in town, but it was quite tasty and made a good left-over breakfast for me and Ellie Jo. Someday I’d like to try naan when I don’t have to knead it by hand…

I’ve also been trying to make pea soup to freeze and have on hand for Ellie Jo, but we just eat it way too fast!


One Response to “Food of late”

  1. I’ve been pulling out “leftovers” from the pot before dinner lately. That way all the time I’ve put into a meal gets carried over into J and Az lunch the next day. If there isn’t quite enough to fill them all up then (at dinner), they can eat an extra piece of bread, or fresh veggies from the frig and still feel full.

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