9 Months

Can you see it? That little tooth poking up? That has been a HUGE part of this month. I don’t think she was aware of it until she bit her own finger last night. Now she’s being a lot more cautious around her mouth.

In the last month Ellie Jo:
-Survived her first stomach bug
-Cut her first tooth
-Learned to pull up on…anything
-Figured out how to do this sit/crawl thing that gets her around pretty well
-Served as a demo baby for 3 health class pregnancy and birth talks
-Had her first taste of dark chocolate
-Started packing away pea soup and avocado any chance she gets
-Incorporated a 2 hour nap into her daily nap schedule on a fairly regular basis
-Began responding to her name

With a list like that is it any wonder that she also:
-Became a clingy Momma’s girl in the evenings
-Regressed to almost-newborn nighttime sleep habits

There was a lot of neurological development happening!

Her quirky habit right now is her love for tiny pieces of food. She always goes for the little bits first. Many times I’ve laughed as carrot sticks and Puffs go unnoticed because she’s so focused on a single grain of rice that fell onto her tray. Who says that the “pincher grab” is reserved for pre-schoolers? Ellie Jo is perfecting at at nine months!


3 Responses to “9 Months”

  1. She. Is. Darling! That tooth was hard-won… but, oh, so sweet!

  2. What is the little necklace Ellie Jo wears?

    • Clarice, it’s an amber teething necklace. There is an acid in the amber that is released when the necklace is warmed by her skin. It is supposed to be similar to giving her baby Tylenol for teething. It seems to be working fairly well (no crazy teething meltdowns here!), but even if it doesn’t “work” it’s still pretty cute! 🙂

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