As Seen at Saturday Morning Doughnuts

By Robin

March 22, 2011

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Every Saturday morning we go to ABC for hot doughnuts. It gives Ellie Jo a people-fix and we get to enjoy a guilty pleasure.

This woman and her little boy are there every week. The woman is being trained to make bagels and tortillas and doughnuts. Her son is along for the ride.

A few weeks ago I actually got to see her change is “diaper.” He wears an old plastic grocery bag tied around his legs and she stuffs it with old rags. It doesn’t seem terribly effective, but at least she is protected a little bit when she wears him for extended periods of time.

Once again…the daily contrasts of our life.


2 Responses to “As Seen at Saturday Morning Doughnuts”

  1. I was drawn to the faucet. I recently went into a Kohler wholesale showroom in search of a replacement part and was astonished at the many styles on display. My grandmother was thrilled to have water piped into the house instead of having to fetch it from the well. How far we have come… or not.

  2. Counting my blessings right now with American diapers at the top of the list…

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