Teaching with Daddy

One really nice thing about working for a small school is that Ellie Jo and I get the chance to be at school about as much as we want. All of the students know us. Last week we were in one of the 1st grade classrooms for the first time and Sim Sim said, “I saw you in a shop! But you didn’t know me.”

Yesterday we subbed in middle school. Robin came in to our classroom to teach an elective class and Ellie Jo just wanted to be with him. It was an amazing moment to witness – Ellie Jo soaking up her Daddy’s love and his debate lesson.

She’s going to be the nerdiest kid around.


One Response to “Teaching with Daddy”

  1. We really got so spoiled with J working from home for so many years in a row! He’s just had to go back into the office this year, but it’s kind of been a refreshing change the other way for a while as well. The more time they are with a happy daddy and mommy, the happier they are!

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