Cool Things

Sometimes I like to remember the cool things that surround our day-to-day life.

-Milk! I  post about this every so often because I still think it is so so cool that we get 5 liters of fresh milk every week. A friend brought over warm cookies last pizza night and we were able to enjoy them with good milk. She only has the boxed milk around her house so, boy, was she grateful for the real stuff!

-Bougainvillea, hibiscus, plumeria and canas that all grow naturally without any coaxing. We are surrounded by beautiful, tropical vegetation. Did I mention it was beautiful?

-Tile floors. They definitely have their upsides and downsides, but this week I love them. With a sick baby in the house it has been a lifesaver to have easy clean-up. They are also perfect for letting her run around in her walker. And! The tile has taught her to have quick reflexes when she falls over.

-Robin can walk to school (a forthcoming post will be on this topic). He can make it in 30 minutes and gets to walk through a valley away from traffic for most of the way. How cool is that?

-There is a frog living in my guest bathroom. I think. I haven’t seen him in a few weeks but he’s been croaking very loudly today. It echos through the house.

-I get to focus most of my energy on Ellie Jo because Theo takes care of so much around the house. I *love* that about living here.

-Skype is such a big part of our life that Ellie Jo is used to “listening” to the computer. She recognizes the sound of Skype ringing and is always excited to talk. She gets confused though if the voice talking is anyone other than her grandparents.

-Geckos live in my house. I enjoy seeing them running along the walls. A few weeks ago I found one that was so teeny-tiny that it was caught in a spider web. I set it free and now it lives in the kitchen.

What are some of your cool things?


One Response to “Cool Things”

  1. Well I have to admit I can’t really think of anything (besides the snow) that I absolutely love about where we live now. So, I’ll tell you about the things I really miss about our house down in Clarkston.

    ~Our peach tree. We had an awesome old peach tree in our yard that we would can at least 40 quarts off of every year. Plus we could eat tree ripened peaches for at least 3 weeks and give tons away.

    ~Walking to dinner. It was a small enough community that there were several restaurants within 2 miles that we could walk to. Being 4 miles out of town makes it a little more difficult for us to do now. However, we have been know to do it.

    ~ The Levees. Lewiston and Clarkston had the best levee system with running paths and playgrounds right on the river. It was a perfect 4.5 mile loop and it was just down the hill from our house, how I miss it.

    As I’m sitting here writing this I’m wondering what things I’ll love (and probably hate) about San Antonio.

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