Birthday Reflections

By Robin

March 1, 2011


Category: By Amy


This week I was filling out an application for a retreat and had to list 3 unexpected gifts in my life that continually bless me. All 3 gifts were people. That made me really happy. I consider that an unexpected gift from Rwanda. Our lifestyle has taught me to value relationships above everything else.

So today, on my birthday, I consider myself blessed by these two. Even though Ellie Jo has been sick with a stomach bug all day and I’ve had to change my clothes four times and all I really want for my birthday is a nice hot shower – I still feel happy to have spent the day with her. As I smell the Honey Cardamom Chicken that Robin is making especially for me – I’m grateful for the thoughtfulness and passion he brings to our marriage.

Because, really, my birthday isn’t about me being pampered…it’s a day to remember that I am HERE, that I exist in this moment. It’s a day to remind myself of all the people who are touched by my life and who bless me in return. It’s a marker of the adventures that have been gathered together into the life that I get to live.

I love you Robin and Ellie Jo. I love our life. Happy Birthday to me!


3 Responses to “Birthday Reflections”

  1. Happy birthday!! Hope Ellie Jo feels better soon!

  2. Still smiling even when she is sick.

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