Eight Months Old!

This. This picture is my eight month old (a day late because the internet stopped working yesterday JUST after I took the pictures): all chubby and intently focused on something.

This month she has intently focused on:
-Pushing up onto her hands and knees
-Pushing up into a sitting position
-Pulling up at any opportunity (Beware: hair within her grasp is considered an “opportunity”)
-Exploring the house, front porch and back porch in her walker
-Making friends with Henry (dog), Theo (houseworker) and the baby in the mirror
-Learning to use the toilet first thing in the morning
-Learning songs at her weekly tots singing group

She also popped a tiny corner of her very first tooth a few days ago. I haven’t been able to totally verify that, but it feels true! I keep singing “If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops” because at the chorus she’ll open her mouth really wide and I can get a peek…a fleeting peek.

Also, interestingly, she’s starting to notice when a person is asleep and takes it upon herself to wake them up with loud noises and slapping. She started doing it to Robin if we wake up before him in the morning, but then this week she thought everybody fell asleep at the prayer time we attended. She was so happy when everybody finally “woke up!”


2 Responses to “Eight Months Old!”

  1. She does have the bluest eyes! Such a sweet, roll-icious girl!

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