Valentine’s Day Surprise

We’ve never been big on V-day celebrations. Well…that’s what I always say. Our first Valentine’s Day together was after about two weeks of dating. We agreed that it would be silly to celebrate such a new thing. Then, he stayed up all night on the 13th to make me a mix cd and I sent him (through the ever-fun campus mail) his first lacy handmade valentine. So, ummmm…yeah, we really don’t celebrate.

Several weeks ago, at about the same time, we both started saying to each other, “I have this great surprise for you for Valentine’s Day” and the anticipation started to build.

I knew that my gift would deliver. I planned on downloading the documentary It Might Get Loud. It is an exploration of the electric guitar with Jack White (The White Stripes), The Edge (U2) and Jimmy Page (Led Zepplin). The only problem was making sure the thing downloaded in time. It took all morning to upgrade my iTunes to an acceptable version and then the actual documentary took forever! I finally had to write a little card explaining the gift and that we’d watch it when it finished downloading. And then! when it finally finished downloading (around 8 o’clock) a rainstorm kicked up so much noise that we could hardly enjoy it. Rain check!

I spent the whole day puzzling over Robin’s gift. He took the camera with him and I just couldn’t figure out what it could possibly be for. A photo documentary? A picture slide show of some summer activity? What could it be?

Thirty seconds before he walked in the gate it dawned on me – He’s going to cut his hair!

Robin’s hair has been almost totally un-cut since our wedding. It was a personal choice of his and while I didn’t mind it, I really really really like his hair short.

So when the guy I first fell in love with walked in the door – I was smitten once again. There was the profile I used to stare at during debate! There was the mop of hair that I could see when I looked down from my dorm window before a date!

He said the stylist at the salon (the only stylist we know who does a good job with mzungu hair) took one look at his 12 inches of hair and the wedding picture Robin handed him and said, “Oh this isn’t a big deal. And, hey, I know the girl in this picture!”

I consider it 5,000 francs very well spent.


2 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Surprise”

  1. This is the sweetest Valentine’s story I’ve heard this year… and I expect it will stay at the top of the list. What smart and sentimental gifts! Who says romance has to be a commercial box of chocolate and a Hallmark card?

  2. I love this story. Your gifts to each other are just perfect.

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