Another Cultural Day

Ellie Jo attended her first birthday party this afternoon. Laura’s parents were celebrating her first birthday and invited a few small ones to attend. Even though Laura isn’t familiar with English and Ellie Jo doesn’t really know either Dutch or French, the party was a success. Every child took a turn crying. Those with teeth enjoyed a bit of cake. Parents discussed diapers (or elimination communication!) and swapped e-mail addresses. I think that Laura might have decided that her 8 teeth and ability to walk put her in a league above Ellie Jo, but my girl looks like she’s ready to party anyway.

Afterward, our family went to Sole Luna to enjoy the sunset and some pizza. Robin and I were discussing the Super Bowl and wishing we could enjoy some football with everyone back home. Our waiter came over and kindly asked if we would like to watch today’s big Chelsea/Liverpool match on the television. *sigh* We didn’t mean futball…


One Response to “Another Cultural Day”

  1. But the advantage of watching the Chelsea/Liverpool game is that you can watch the whole thing without having to stay up until the sun’s almost coming up again! And I don’t know what Rwandan sportscasters would be like, but listening to German sportscasters, you begin to think you’re listening to football for five-year-olds. I’m sleeping this year and hoping I can find the good commercials on YouTube. 🙂

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