Dry Season

The short dry season is currently toying with us. It was supposed to arrive at the beginning of January. We waited and waited, but the rains just continued. Cool weather and rain every couple of days. It wasn’t bad – just unusual.

Then this last week the hot weather came! The sky was cloudless and blue, blue, blue. The sun seemed brighter and the air felt dry.

So we lived on our front porch in the afternoons. I put a grate across the opening of the porch, plopped Ellie Jo in her walker, grabbed a book and enjoyed the weather. Ellie Jo figured out how to chase poor Henry around the porch and then made Robin a happy man when she started “running” to him when he got home from school. She also became very interested in plucking petals from the geraniums and scattering them across the porch (just practicing for her flower-girl gig in July!).

On Saturday Jacob came over and we played Settlers on the porch. It was like summer time – Kool-Aid and shorts and outside fun.

After a couple of hours the wind picked up. Cards and settlements started flying (think the Wizard of Oz). We moved the game inside.

And the rains came back.

So we put on socks and drank tea.

Guess it really was the short dry season.

Thanks for the picture, Dad.


5 Responses to “Dry Season”

  1. This picture, of all the ones you’ve posted of your home is the one that takes me back to Kigali the most. I can just see myself walking up to that porch…Those unique doors. That was such a great moment. I will always remember it.

  2. Amy what a beautiful front porch you have. So glad you got to enjoy it, even if it was only for a short time.

  3. I don’t know what ‘style’ of house this is, but it is incredible! From the railings to your doors to the wide-grouted brickwork to the subtle arches to the beamed ceiling… awesome!
    Your landscaping has been flourishing under all the rain; it’s so green and gorgeous!
    I’m glad you had a summer spell for a bit. We could use some here in the states, too!

    • This is Rwandan Style Architecture. Please note the unevenly spaced columns on the porch and the odd dark wooden ceiling. Yup, Rwandan architecture. At least it isn’t painted pink like my last African house…

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