Substitute Teaching at 7 Months

We got a call at 7:30 that our former teaching position was vacant for the day. We were needed!

Ellie Jo’s former students noticed so much of her recent progress: the new girth of her knees and thighs, her ability to sit, her quick smile, her love of weird noises, her pinchy fingers, the quickness of her roll, the weird hairs on the back of her head. They were enthralled. Thankfully they didn’t mind the scratches left behind by the fingernails on her pinchy fingers.

It was actually easier for me to sub with her at this age. She doesn’t need to eat as frequently and she’s not as fussy when she wants to sleep. The biggest distractions were when she was determined to roll *through* the wall and kept grunting as she pushed against it, and when she was chewing on a piece of paper. If I would have taught an extended lesson she really would have been happy to roll around on the floor and stare at everybody’s feet!



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