More Food

My lunch options have certainly improved in the last few months. Thanks for all of the input at the beginning of the school year!

This week I tried to make tabbouleh (in addition to perfecting my basic hummus recipe…turns out the secret is more olive oil then you want to think about!) and it really turned out well. Nearly all of the ingredients are at our neighborhood market and are really cheap! I made a huge bowl, too, so it’s a good thing we like it!

For the last three weeks I have been buying a whole chicken over the weekend and cooking it in the crock pot. The meat usually lasts us for two or three meals. We’re getting a lot of foods that we don’t normally eat that way: chicken enchiladas, chicken soup, chicken pot pie. Then, on Monday I use the chicken bones and skin to make chicken stock. The stock goes into our Thursday soup and any rice or couscous that I happen to make during the week. It has been a terrific addition to our diet.

The newest challenge to my meal planning is making sure that there is some steamed veggies or fruit available so Ellie Jo can join in the eating fun. We’ll see how much more challenging it becomes when she decides she wants to eat more!


5 Responses to “More Food”

  1. Are those your homemade tortillas? My mouth is watering. I almost picked up a tub of hummus at Costco after reading your discussion with Anna about this tasty spread and then quickly chastised myself for laziness. I have the ingredients so tonight I am soaking the garbonzo beans…..tomorrow…..hummus!

    Do you remember Mom’s Tabbouleh? Yummy.

  2. I think she started making it when I was in college and we have had it occasionally over the years, usually for a salad at lunch time. I thought she might have fixed it while you were living with them.

    My hummus is finger lickin’ good;-) had it with asparagus at dinner and with crackers this afternoon.

  3. So do you add anything to the chicken in the crockpot or do you just slow cook it by itself?

    • Usually I sprinkle it with rosemary (because I like it a lot) and some garlic salt, but it essentially cooks by itself. I want to get more adventurous and put butter under the skin with seasoning and stuff, but haven’t really done that yet 🙂 I’m just enjoying simplicity right now.

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