7 Months

By Robin

January 24, 2011


Category: By Amy

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Well, Kermit is about to become an afterthought in these monthly pictures. Ellie Jo spent most of our photo shoot today gnawing on his eyeball.

Developmentally, she’s really into gripping things (as you can see in the picture). She’s learned to take things from my hand and I entertain myself by handing her things all day. Sometimes she has to reposition her fingers a few times or grab with both hands, but she always ends up with the toy or carrot stick in the end. She likes to hold onto her car seat buckle when the road is bumpy and she’s also learning how to remove glasses.

Ellie Jo started trying real food this month. So far we know she likes carrots, pumpkin, chicken, bananas and avocados. And toilet paper.

We also started some baby signs this month. Really I think the only one she cares about is “eat,” but I’ve also been signing “more,” “dog,” “momma” and “daddy.” We’ll see if she ever catches on that I’m not just doing these crazy hand motions for her entertainment.

She also, apparently, has arms made from marshmallows all stuck together…


One Response to “7 Months”

  1. I love her marshmallow arms!

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