Baby Things for this Stage of Life

This little mesh feeder is the new favorite item around our house. Ellie Jo started tasting foods a few weeks ago and now wants to do more than just taste. She wants to eat the whole time we’re eating! So I just stuff a banana or some steamed carrots in this little thing and she is good to go. However, watching her gum and suck on it is so entertaining that something we forget to eat…oops.

Ahhh – I interrupt this blog post to say, “THE POWER IS BACK!!!” We just went 48 hours without power and oh man it’s good to see the lights popping on and hear the hum of the refrigerator. So. so. good.

So now I have better things to do than blogging…things like cleaning out the sopping refrigerator and cooking myself some lunch!


4 Responses to “Baby Things for this Stage of Life”

  1. I have found great entertainment watching babies use mesh feeders to eat. I was just getting a package together for y’all and wanted to include some for Ellie Jo. I guess I will have to think of something else, since she is already experiencing the joy of sucking on food through mesh 🙂

    • Ha, yes…what a joy. Momma likes the fact that they keep the mess of bananas somewhat contained! If you are still looking for something fun for her – baby sunglasses and/or brimmed hats. I have no idea if those things are available right now in the States, but she could use them 😛

  2. We’ve got to get one of these.

    Her big blue eyes are too charming! Thanks for sharing such sweet pictures; they never fail to bring a smile.

    • 🙂
      This mesh feeder is Munchkin brand. I got it from Target and I like it better than the mesh feeders I saw at other stores because the mesh is very sturdy. Other brands have detachable mesh that you have to replace every few feedings. That just seemed like too much work and waste.

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