Six Months

Ellie Jo turned six months old on Christmas Eve. We snapped her Kermit pictures in the morning before we left on our game park adventure. It was the first time that she really paid attention to Kermit and he was pretty mauled by the end of the photo session. It also explains why I got almost no pictures of him facing forward.

At six months Ellie Jo is fascinated by new things. She discovered her tongue and sticks it out a lot. She likes to roll over to big objects (a chair, table or person) and then feel them with her feet. She has started tasting fruits and vegetables and hasn’t rejected anything yet. She tries to pick up anything that looks interesting. That means my cell phone, glasses and silverware are no longer safe.

We are making one prediction right now about her future personality:
– She’s going to gab our ears off when she figures out how to talk. She already wakes up singing her morning song for anybody who will listen and she makes noise for just about every other event in her day. She babbles during diaper changes and shrieks when she wants some interaction. She has happy humming noises for her toys and random grunting sounds as she moves around in her walker. It’s a rare event when someone singing to her doesn’t elicit at least a little bit of noise in response.

We’re enjoying every day!



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