Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

2010 was a huge year in the family-way for us. None of the variables in our overseas lifestyle could come close to comparing with the coming of Ellie Jo. 2010 was all about her.

Ellie Jo has taught us to live in the small moments. Before she was born, we spent every evening watching her ripple around in my stomach. I tracked the outward progress of my belly button and enjoyed feeling her move around (I really miss that part of being pregnant). After her birth, we found it hopelessly easy to spend hours watching her sleep and learn to open her eyes. This morning we all laid in bed and watched her carefully open and close her fingers and twist her wrists. She finds that activity fascinating and will happily spend 15 minutes every morning exercising her fingers with utmost concentration. I told Robin that someday, if she decides that she has an imaginary puppet friend, I will tell her that she’s been playing with that friend since birth.

My hope is that 2011 will continue to bring that kind of wonder into our lives. Everything can be fascinating if you choose to slow down and look at it just so.



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