Holiday Games

We just dropped my family off at the airport. The house is empty and quiet. Our little social urchin is peering around, looking for her friends. But there is a fullness of satisfaction even in the stillness. It was a good visit.

And Dad left me with all sorts of pictures so I can blog about every. single. detail. of their visit.

In and among all of the activities in the last ten days, we found time to play some great games. Jeffrey and Daniel learned to play Settlers of Catan. They caught on fast and we had hours of fun. Daniel bought Stratego at a white person yard sale and taught me how to play (except he failed to explain some pretty crucial rules and I’m still not quite sure how it all works. Bombs with legs?).

Robin received the games Munchkin and Bang! for Christmas. We did not have time to do Munchkin justice. It is a parody of serious role playing games, but even parodies take a while to master. “Ok so if I have the Hammer of Kneecapping I can still use the Singing & Dancing Sword? What?!? That STILL doesn’t help me to defeat the Unspeakably Awful Indescribable Horror???” Yeah, like that.

Bang! is a game that I think more people should own. It’s like playing Mafia but organized with cards around a Spaghetti Western theme. Outlaws try to shoot the Sheriff, the Deputy is charged with protection and the Renegade spends most of the game trying to figure out a strategy. Or, if Mom is the Renegade, she just starts shooting people for fun.

Good times.


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