This is…

…how we spent Christmas Eve – following a giraffe across a savanna plane. Our Rwandan baby is already bored by the whole experience.


4 Responses to “This is…”

  1. That is a cool picture! So glad you are having a great time!

  2. Oh, too funny! Can Ellie Jo really sleep anywhere?

    And holy cow, either those guys are giants or you’re tiny! (Although, look at you… um, NO baby weight there. I suppose you’re tiny 🙂 ).

    Awesome Christmas eve!

    • We carry Ellie Jo so much in her carriers that she actually sleeps the best when she’s held. We could bang pots together and she wouldn’t wake up. However, we have discovered that uproarious laughter at holiday gift exchanges does startle her a bit.

      …and, yes, giants seem to run in our family. I expect Ellie Jo will be taller than me when she reaches kindergarten.

  3. Fabulous picture! All of my giraffe pictures have little tiny giraffes in the background 🙂 Happy New Year to you all!

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