Being a teacher’s kid

By Robin

December 16, 2010


Category: By Amy


He was our student two years ago. This was the first time he’d met Ellie Jo. He talked to her as if they were old friends.

Our students seem to feel that they have a vested interest in Ellie Jo. Some of them felt her kick last year. Some of them have been bugging us about having a baby for two years. They all treat her like doting aunts and uncles. I am grateful for all the social interaction that they give her.

I’m pretty sure that right now she believes the whole world loves her.


3 Responses to “Being a teacher’s kid”

  1. Oh…that we could become like Ellie Jo!

  2. Well, why shouldn’t everyone love her? What’s not to love about the little joy? She’s darling in every way!

  3. Silly Amy, the whole world does love Ellie Jo. 🙂

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