This week hasn’t been unusually busy. Robin has had a few extra meetings after school. I taught violin and got together with the missionary ladies as usual. We had some friends over for dinner on Tuesday night (I’m still acquiring cross-cultural hostessing skills).


Under the surface, the week has been crazy because we were out of water. Last week the masons used the water in our tanks to mix cement for the back wall. Then (unbeknownst to us) our main water pipe was cut where it runs through a neighbor’s compound. For several days we thought it was a just a matter of the “city water” being out and that eventually it would come back and fill the tanks. However, a man from Electrogaz came and assured us that it was a problem on our end.


Going without electricity is an immediately impacting experience. No electricity means no computer, no cooking, no fan at night.

Water is easier to forget about until you have to refill the water filter or try to take a shower. Or, really, when you need to wash three days worth of dirty diapers.

Theo bought a few jerrycans of water and emptied them in a tub in our bathroom. Everything requiring water became a newly-creative activity: “Handwashing in an inch of water” or “Coordinated toothbrush rinsing under a hand-poured stream.” For Ellie Jo’s bath we had to heat water in the electric tea kettle and then cut the temperature down with bowlfuls of water from “the tub.” It felt like we were participating in some sort of eco-challenge.

But, for 3,000 francs, the cut pipe has been repaired and we are back to a water-full state. Ah, showers how I’ve missed you.


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