ISK Christmas Party

Apparently it’s possible to be Christmased-out by the 4th of December.

Our family attended the ISK staff Christmas party last night and (mostly) had fun. The school hired a terrific chef from Heaven restaurant to cater the event and the teachers had a rip-roaring gift exchange. Ellie Jo showed off her rolling skills and her sad face.

Merry Christmas, Kigali!


2 Responses to “ISK Christmas Party”

  1. That picture is too sad! Oh, how pitiful for the poor dear! The holidays sometimes make me feel that way, too. It’s a shame she can’t comfort herself with a nice cup of hot chocolate yet.

  2. Oh this is too funny. We rarely see her upset, but that is about to change!!!!!! Not only will be SEE all of her many expressions, we will be holding her when she makes them!!!! YES!!!!

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