On the move

She’s wearing her amber teething necklace again. I still don’t know if a tooth will pop, but the necklace helps when she’s fussy and mechanically gumming my finger.

She’s also rolling places when she wants to explore. The grandmas might want to skip the following story…

There is no such thing as carpet in Rwanda. People might import a large rug or piece of carpet, but it is just placed on the tile or cement floors. We have a few rugs in our house, but nothing too substantial.

So, this week, when Ellie Jo decided to roll from one end of our king size bed down to the other end and *off the bed* there was nothing between her and the cement. For a minute I wanted to curse that easy-to-clean, cool-in-hot-weather flooring. Then, I realized that she wasn’t really hurt. I couldn’t even find goose-egg on her head. And that girl. Kept. Rolling. once she hit the ground. Sure she screamed, but only for a minute. She wanted to keep exploring.

Oh, what are we in for…


2 Responses to “On the move”

  1. I so-o-o enjoy keeping up with your family news. God bless all three of you!

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