Baby Post

By Robin

November 29, 2010


Category: By Amy


So, we don’t have a bathroom scale. It’s just one of those things that will probably never make it into our bags from the States. We borrow from friends when we need to weigh our luggage and otherwise we do without.

Recently several people asked how much Ellie Jo weighs. And I had no idea. She weighed 7 pounds at birth and now she weighs more. That’s the best I could do.

Last night we were over at some friends’ house (first Sunday of Advent and then a Settlers game!) and I *finally* remembered to ask if we could weigh Ellie Jo on their scale.

15.5 pounds. Average, average, average. Perfect.

I also had Robin help me out this weekend to verify her length measurement. Surprisingly we got the same result as when I did it on my own with a few books and the sewing measuring tape: 24 3/4″.

Already she’s tall like her Daddy. Sadly my short genes seem to have confined themselves to stunting only my growth.


3 Responses to “Baby Post”

  1. When you say ‘Settlers game’, do you mean the Settlers of Catan?! It is so AWESOME!! Best. Game. Ever.
    If you mean a Rwandan soccer match or something (with the local team being called ‘the Settlers’), well, that’s neat, too.
    I’m going to have to google the ‘first Sunday of Advent’ because I don’t know what that is either.
    Your little girl is so perfect! Ellie Jo has such a beaming smile; she is delightfully engaging!

    • Yes, Settlers of Catan! We just love that game. We’re always looking for friends who want to play. Want to come over? 🙂
      And we were just celebrating the first Sunday of the Advent season. It’s not a movie or anything although the post kinda makes it sound like that…ha.

  2. *laughing* Yeah, we’re game for a visit! But it is a little far to make it home by the kids’ bedtimes. Maybe another time! Hope you all enjoy your holiday season!

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