Thanksgiving Family

Yesterday our Thanksgiving celebration was held in 85 degree weather and included a brief torrential tropical rain burst. Robin had to teach, but he joined the fun after school. We enjoyed traditional Thanksgiving foods like stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken, rolls, green bean casserole and also carrot souffle which is traditional to my African Thanksgivings. A Playstation 360 Madden Football game gave the guys their holiday football fix. Ellie Jo played with toys during the meal and seemed totally satisfied.

When we moved to Rwanda two years ago, we really didn’t expect to have this kind of family community for our holidays, but every year we’ve manged to celebrate with people that we consider family. The first year we traveled to Uganda to celebrate with some actual relatives. Last year we hosted teachers from school (and then called our stateside families to announce the advent of Ellie Jo). This year our “family” included missionary families involved in the Africa Transformation Network plus a few other friends. It’s so nice to be able to share such a family-centered holiday.



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