5 Months Old

By Robin

November 24, 2010


Category: By Amy


A few favorite things about this stage:

-The belly laughs. Ellie Jo laughs the most in the evenings when Daddy is home and he catches her in that just-sleepy time. She’ll laugh so much that she has to catch her breath. Just about everything seems to be ticklish…her tummy, her feet, her little leg rolls. Her laughter is so infectious that it sets us off. I love our evening family laugh-ins.

-Her fascination with her feet. Every time Ellie Jo feels her diaper come off up! go her feet. Sometimes she pulls them up by her face and then wraps her arms around them, “Awwww, feet, I’ve missed you.”

-The way she sings when she wakes up. If I’m still in bed when she wakes up, she lifts her head and makes long happy noises while we stretch together. If I’m out of the room, she substitutes her pacifier/hand/the pillow and her song is always quite startled when I walk in.

-Her little hands reaching for my face. Some of the biggest moments for me have been the first time she smiled at me and the first time she reached out to touch my face. Her touch is gentle (for now!) and she just likes to feel my chin while I talk. I love it.


2 Responses to “5 Months Old”

  1. So. Perfectly. Cute.

    The laugh-ins sound like the best!

    Maybe it’s just because of Kermit in the picture, but she looks so TALL! What a beauty!

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