Diapers in Rwanda

We priced disposable diapers last week, just for fun. Evy Baby is the best local brand. At the rate we use diapers they would cost about $200 a month. Brand name American disposables are three times that amount. That means my cloth diapers have already paid for themselves!

6 Responses to “Diapers in Rwanda”

  1. I told my family at lunch about the picture you had posted with this entry; everyone laughed and laughed! How absolutely different your life is from ours here. Your posts about the new road have been especially interesting. It’s hard to imagine a dust storm like what you and Ellie Jo went through recently! Thank you for such colorful glimpses inside of this strange and fascinating country.

  2. Yay for cloth diapers! I get teased about being “green” and using cloth, but they save a ton of money here in the US too.
    It looks like you have a lot of “fuzzy buns” — how do you like those?

    • Rachel, we have about half FuzziBunz and half BumGenius and really like them both. I wanted to have diapers with both snaps and velcro just so we could see which we liked better. So far I don’t think we have a preference! I don’t use the FuzziBunz for night time though. Ellie Jo wets so much that I use the others because I feel like I can fit more inserts comfortably.

  3. I know you couldn’t do it there but I have gotten every single diaper (disposable) free! I bought cloth but sold them…because free is a much better and more convenient price.

    Ps-that’s a lot of diapers!!! Audrey goes through about 3 a day at 7 months. Can remember when she was younger. Never more then 5 (I don’t think)

    • Only 3 a day? Wow. We still go through about six a day. It used to be a change every two hours. I think, though, that cloth feels “wet” faster so they generally have to be changed more often.

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