Ellie Jo and I have been sharing her play mat the last few weeks. She uses it for play and I use it for a mat – a yoga mat.

In my vast experience as a stay-at-home mom, I’ve discovered a need to have a little bit of time to myself. During my career at home I’ve tried to use that time for e-mails, blogging, reading, organizing the bookshelves, dusting, cooking and napping. However, none of those activities made me feel like I had spent the time productively. They didn’t satisfy my need to be “Amy” instead of “Momma Ellie.”

Then I read about Marianne Elliot’s 30 Days of Yoga e-course. I’m still not entirely sure why I signed up, but I know that I wanted to try some physical activity along with time to meditate. The proceeds from the latest edition of the e-course were donated to HIV-related programs in South Africa and that was something I wanted to support.

The course has turned out to be exactly what I needed. Whether I do five minutes of stretching or half an hour of yoga poses, I feel refreshed. I’ve had time to meditate and pray. I’ve noticed a positive effect on my milk supply and really just a positive effect overall. I feel like I’m more focused as a mom.

This isn’t supposed to be an advertisement for 30 Days of Yoga. It’s just a way of sharing something that has worked for me. I’m curious what works for other people…


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