4 Months Old

By Robin

October 24, 2010


Category: By Amy

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Rolling over

Laughing out loud

Reaching for objects

Recognizing her pacifier

Ellie Jo is really showing a lot of curiosity about the world around her. It’s rare that she will refuse to interact with a person and she is starting to show a preference for the feel of soft textures. She can’t quite put things into her mouth yet, but she opens her mouth as she touches things so that stage isn’t too far away. She’s started to spend time in her walker and from that vantage point she keenly observes what is going on in the room. Sometimes she observes quietly, but often she squeals and shrieks as if she can’t contain her excitement at being independent.

This last week Robin went to Kenya for a conference and it was fascinating to watch Ellie Jo handle his absence. She looked for him everywhere. When she heard his voice on the phone she would immediately stop whatever she was doing (nursing, “talking” or playing) and start smiling. Now that he is home she can’t stop watching him. I thought that I was attentive to his stories from the conference, but she will sit in my lap and drink in every word he says.

It’s fun to have a baby.


One Response to “4 Months Old”

  1. She is a smart and gorgeous little charmer! She is perfect, Amy.

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