Now you know how to write “Mountain Dew” in Arabic. I’m sure the knowledge will come in handy some day.

Many of our groceries are imported from surprising countries. The precious dried apricots came from Turkey. Tomato paste comes from UAE. Mayonnaise is of the weird “American Garden” brand from the good old U.S. of A. Flour is manufactured in Kampala. Quaker Oats arrives from the UK.

Sometimes we discover surprising things about how the origin of a product affects the price. I can purchase a 250 gram container of Nesquik produced in South Africa for 2,500 francs while a 450 gram container from Turkey (for consumption in UAE) is 2,400. It costs less to buy almost twice as much! I would be suspicious of the quality, but it still made awfully good hot chocolate this afternoon.

The Mountain Dew was an unusual find and we enjoyed it with our Friday night pizza. Hope you enjoy your Friday night!


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