Today Ellie Jo’s friend Kirenga came over for a play date. While they didn’t exactly play together, Ellie Jo is now aware that there really are other babies in the world. She also discovered the hard truth that sometimes, no matter how much you bat your eyes and smile, boys just won’t give you the time of day.

I’ve been observing an interesting cultural difference in the approach toward visiting with people here verses the approach in America. In the States I would always invite people over to my house if I wanted to get together. Unless we were extremely good friends I wouldn’t really invite myself over. Here it seems almost like imposing if I suggest that someone come to my house. Getting out sometimes involves more work than staying at home so if I want to get together I’ll offer to come to you. That way I do the work of traveling and you just have to offer me tea when I arrive. It’s funny how different that is.


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