Beautiful Mosquito Repellent

I purchased two large pots of geraniums today. I forgot how good geraniums smell – like rained-on dirt. I’ve been told that smell is most repulsive to mosquitoes. That is good news.

I wanted to purchase some potted herbs also, but they were already taken. Now I have an itch to plant my own. I can just see rosemary and mint and oregano in pots lining the wide railing around the front porch. That would smell heavenly.

Reason to like living in a tropical climate number 562: you don’t have to wait for spring to grow things.


3 Responses to “Beautiful Mosquito Repellent”

  1. I’m jealous that you’re able to plant right now. My herbs did not grow well at all this year and now I have to wait until next year to give it another try.

    As a side note, I sent you an e-mail to your Harding account, do you stilll use that address?


  2. I just resent it . . .

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