African Bagel Company

Every week the African Bagel Company delivers their goods to ISK. I have a standing order for a package of raisin cinnamon bagels and every other week I get 20 whole wheat tortillas. Occasionally we get huge chocolate chips cookies or try a new item: hummus, salsa, bagel chips.

On Saturday, we went up to the actual “storefront” to pick up some molasses*. Our friend Robin is running the company and she gave us a tour. The building is clean and airy and looks like a fantastic place to work.

In this picture you can see the bakery part of the facility. The two charcoal ovens are used for all of the baking while the big pot is used to boil the bagels. It’s funny to think that a big rainstorm could cause a rain delay on my bagels.

*An interesting note on the molasses is that it is impossible to find in conventional shops. The only way to get molasses is directly from the sugar factory and they only sell it in 25 liter increments. So ABC purchases the molasses in bulk and repackages it for regular molasses consumers like me.


3 Responses to “African Bagel Company”

  1. Every time I think I understand how the rest of the world functions, you write up a facinating post about life in Rwanda, and I feel foolish. OF COURSE a bakery would cook outside! OF COURSE you buy your tortillas from a bakery! OF COURSE the ovens would run on charcoal! Your blog is so interesting and far better than any geography course from college. Thanks!

    • And I bet you never knew that we could get bagels in Africa at all, huh? 😉 It’s random tidbits like this that keep me blogging. Enjoy!

  2. I think the chocolate chip cookies surprised me even more!

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