Just for Fun

For 3,500 francs (I’ll let you guess how many dollars) we picked up this new tool in the fight against mosquitoes. Meet the Family Helper. Here are a few of the instructions included with the Family Helper:

Main Character:
1. Rechargeable Type: It furnishes 2 pcs. Of 1.2V hight quality rechargeable batteries which can by recharged in recycle for more than 600 times. It is quite practical and economic.
2. Twice-speed discharge: It adopts an innovative twice-speed discharge circuit which can output 2500V in a moment. So, it has the best result for result forhitting mosquito.
3. Electric Shockproof Net: It can kill mosquito which is sucking blood on human bodies but it is harmless to human. When touching the net on flat surface, without any feeling of electric shock, so it is safe for use.
4. Leakproof Net: It consists on a special 3-layer net which can easily catch insect and never leak ont.

-When hitting insect, you can easily kill them just by pressing it’s switch.
-When the indicator twinkle, it indicate that the batteries run out. Then, the swatter should be recharged for 8-15 hours.

-Please shake swatter for cleaning off insect carcasses which remain in net. Be sure don’t wash it with water so as to avoid shortcircuit.
-The swatter may become without high-voltage or in low-voltage conditions when it absorbe damp in wet weather, the effect will be declined. Then it can be dried by blowing with electric blower or shining with sunshine. The effect will be recovered soon.
-Children must instruce under adult when use it.


6 Responses to “Just for Fun”

  1. Vic and I love directions like this… almost as good as reading a Chinese menu!

  2. I got a warning from someone this morning at Women of the Word that had already read this and owns one and said that they have been shocked by their’s, so don’t let Ellie Jo touch it.

    • Yeah, Robin shocked himself with it right off so we know how strong it is. And it certainly kills mosquitoes “in a moment” with a bright electric flash, so, yeah, kinda creeps me out, but still nice to have around

  3. LOL! When I started reading this, I thought, “Poor new parents! They must be exhausted. Look at all the typos!” Then I read further. Too funny!

  4. This is great! I love the stripped Rwanda foam mattress in the background.

  5. The boys are giggling and cackling. They wonder whether the blinding light could stop the mosquitos with a sensory overload.

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