Daddy’s Birthday

This is our third time to celebrate Robin’s birthday in Rwanda. Every “married” birthday has also been a “Rwanda” birthday. That means I have always had an extra challenge or two along the way to making the day special. The first year the challenge was making dinner during a power outage. Last year he wanted to go shopping at the used clothing market for some new shirts – how is a girl to make her husband feel special when he’s bargaining for his own presents?!? This year I’ll be attempting a big dinner with Ellie Jo around. I made it a little easier on myself by picking up an apricot pastry at a new bakery in town to serve as the birthday cake (don’t worry, he approved the substitution), but there are plenty of other things to work on during every napping moment today.

You know what though? The pressure is really off of me because no matter how good the dinner tastes, it will still only be the second-best gift. I know that the best gift will be the big smile on Ellie Jo’s face when he walks through the door tonight. There won’t be any challenges to that happy present.


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