Recent Cooking Adventures

I can make egg drop soup! I never realized how easy it was to drizzle beaten egg into boiling soup. Add that knowledge to my purchase of a kilo of tofu from a random tiny shop (a whole kilo for only $2!) and egg drop soup becomes a reality. I fixed it with Sesame Noodles and we split a half-fermented mandarin orange for dessert. Not too shabby.

The second adventure was making fried zucchini. I declared fried zucchini delectable when I encountered a stray spear in a pile of fried pickles (not delectable) at a place called MG’s in Sherman. Robin and I had a 45-minute speed date at MG’s this summer so we could enjoy a whole order. Ellie Jo hung out with Granna and had no idea what she was missing. Last week I attempted to make some myself. I ended up with a spicy batter, but they were still incredibly good. Ah, I want some right now.

The most recent adventure was making chicken stock last weekend. Theo bought a “Rwandese chicken” at the local market and had it killed and everything. I boiled it in a huge pot of water with veggies and herbs. The stock tastes great and that ol’ stringy chicken yielded enough meat for Cajun chicken pasta, enchiladas and an upcoming curry.

Hungry yet?


One Response to “Recent Cooking Adventures”

  1. Yes!
    (Love the oranges and blues together in this picture).

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