A Find

I found South African mandarin oranges this week.

I keep remembering the scene in the most recent movie version of Little Women when the girls decide to take their Christmas meal to the Hummels. A beautiful orange is regretfully sacrificed along with the rest of the food.The girls realize the selfishness would spoil the meal for them.

Sometimes I’m really stingy with food. Over here we call it “hoarding.” The best cure for hoarding is to eat, share and enjoy, immediately.

This summer I had lunch with my friend Kileah. She had just bought some incredible expensive bleu cheese at the local farmer’s market and we ate nearly all of it with apple slices. I couldn’t believe her generosity. She shared her treat with me and it couldn’t have tasted better.

I’m waiting to eat the last orange until Robin comes home this evening and we can share it.


2 Responses to “A Find”

  1. Beautiful color balance! Excellent lighting! Simply beautiful post! Ah…

    • A, I kind of couldn’t get over this picture after I took it. The picture and I had to have a “moment” before I could even think of doing anything with it.

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