3 Months Old

Babies grow. I think they are supposed to, or something. I happen to have a baby right now and I’m just tickled to sit around and watch her grow. I promise you, it’s possible to *see* it happen.

Three months ago Ellie Jo barely opened her eyes. If they opened we rushed to the designated “photo location” (our bed) to try and snap a decent picture for her passport.

Now Ellie Jo’s eyes are open for one to two hour stretches of time. And she can see! Rwandans generally don’t believe that babies can see at this age, but I would beg to differ. Ellie Jo looks for Robin when she knows that he is home. She will stare him down until he finally looks her way. Then she gives him a huge smile. “Daddy, I’m right here!”

Three months ago Ellie Jo never talked. She cried and spit up, but those were the only things coming out of her mouth.

Now Ellie Jo loves to coo and talk. Two nights ago she didn’t go to sleep until after 10:30 – she just sat there in the dark and cooed at me for the longest time. She likes to listen to Alison Kraus and coo along. The really amazing thing is that she uses the same pitch in her voice that I use when I talk to her. It’s incredible.

Three months ago the odds were stacked against Ellie Jo holding her head up. She had pretty much zero muscle control and her poor little head would wobble terribly. I don’t think I really knew the definition of “wobble” until I saw that newborn head moving around.

Now, nary a wobble. Her neck muscles get stronger every day. She hates to have someone support her head. She must do it herself. She’s also determined to sit up and will strain forward into a face plant if I prop her up against a pillow for, say, a picture.

Three months ago Ellie Jo didn’t know how to read.

Oh wait, we’re still working on that one.


4 Responses to “3 Months Old”

  1. Oh Amy! I love reading how much you are enjoying watching Ellie Jo grow! I feel the same way about Lochlan and he’s my fourth. It’s such an amazing transformation no matter how many times you experience it! Keep on loving that sweet girl.

    • Tracey, it’s good to know that I will always enjoy this. Sometimes I’m afraid that if I don’t enjoy it now the novelty will wear off. I guess babies are always novel šŸ™‚

  2. She is SO BEAUTIFUL!! You must find it almost impossible to put her down even for a photo! What a gorgeous and darling child!

  3. It’s neat to hear about how Ellie Jo is growing and progressing.
    Also, it’s good to she that she a Kermit with her.

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