Colors of the Day

I came across the idea of assigning a color to every day of the week and then incorporating that color into various aspects of the day. It seemed like the perfect way to add a little spice to my days at home. Eventually it can help Ellie Jo learn her colors, but now it’s a fun way of making daily life interesting.

Right now I mostly use the colors to help me pick out our clothes in the morning. Sometimes Ellie Jo is dressed completely in the color of the day. I try to avoid this route for myself. On Tuesday we both wore red accent pieces (and somehow both wore green everywhere else).

I’m also trying to use the color in my cooking. Today we’re having orange carrots in our soup. Monday we had purple eggplant. Blue, however, is going to be a challenge…


2 Responses to “Colors of the Day”

  1. WHEN did you have Ellie Jo?! You look way too good already after pregnancy!
    This picture is so, so precious. Are those striped baby leg warmers? Cuteness overload!
    Having a color of the day is just plain smart. What a brilliant way to simplify your routine. And as long as you like all of the colors, it’s like entertaining a nice friend for a visit once a week. Very clever!

    • They are leg warmers and they are some of my favorite baby accessories! She has three pair and wears them all the time. Check out You might need to pick some up 😉

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