What to eat…

By Robin

September 16, 2010


Category: By Amy


Homemade pesto with whole wheat tortilla chips

A new dimension to the challenge of living in a country with hardly any prepacked food is trying to feed myself lunch. I know that leftovers are a terrific option, but we’ve been hosting new teachers and dinner is cleaned up every night. I would love to eat salads, but, alas, I really don’t like them that much. So this week I’ve eaten homemade pesto with chips or pasta or just not eaten anything.

Here is a list of lunch ideas that I’ve had and reasons they don’t seem feasible:
PB & J (or sandwiches of any type) – We rarely buy loaf bread because it spoils before we can eat it all, lunch meat is expensive and the good jam is not in season
Soup – it would have to be leftover from dinner because canned soup costs about 5 bucks a can
Salad – see above

What else do people eat for lunch beside leftovers, sandwiches, soup or salad?


11 Responses to “What to eat…”

  1. dude. my mouth is watering over that picture. ahem. good idea! πŸ˜€ sometimes i make a blackbean burrito type thing…or make a grain salad with bulger wheat, quinoa or cous cous…make a big bowl of it, and throw in some sauteed veggies and whatever seasoned meat i want, then chill it.

    • Yes, Kileah, I have to admit that the pesto was pretty darn tasty. I just can’t have it all the time 😦 But! yours cous cous salad sounds amazing. I will definitely be trying that next week πŸ™‚

  2. Yogurt! With bananas! With strawberries! With… um… whatever type of yummy Rwandan fruit you have!
    Cottage cheese with kidney beans (plus sea salt and pepper)… tuna and Ritz crackers… pea salad (the word ‘salad’ in there is really deceptive)… those amazing-looking tortilla chips of yours with hummus… simple cheese quesadillas (hey, you apparently have the tortillas *smile*)… red beans and rice… oatmeal cookies… oops, wait, not the last one.

    That whole plate looks like it belongs in a New York restaurant as a high-priced appetizer. Delicious!

    • Aw Mrs. you always say something that makes my food posts sound terribly upscale and delectable. It makes me want to cook for myself all over again.
      Quesadillas are a great idea. Oooh because I can eat them with my homemade salsa! Gotta love it when the tomatoes are at their peak πŸ™‚ Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Check out my niece-in-law’s food blog. Lots of ideas for freshly made food and links to other blogs: http://newlywednewlyveg.com/

  4. I SOOOOO understand your stance on salad. We have salad provided with our lunch every day and the kids aren’t generally too into it, so even if all the rice is gone before you’re full (which happened today), there’s always more salad to fill up on. Great that it’s so good for me and I feel better when I run when I eat it. Too bad I really just don’t like it all that much.
    You should eat chipatis and lentels every day for lunch. Or at least once a week. Just think, if you ate it that often, you could make a ton of it at once and then freeze most of it until you were ready to eat it. And fresh chipatis cost…what, 50RWF each?

    • We’re salad twins! I *knew* there was a reason we were friends.
      I am slightly anti-lentil after eating it a few too many times during my morning sickness with Ellie Jo. But! I could start experimenting with them again. It’s actually a pretty good idea. Where do you buy chapatti’s again? Ken’s or up by N’Dolis?

  5. Okay Amy, you may not know this but I occasionally stock you on your blog. πŸ™‚ I’m definitely a sandwich person for lunch and I was wondering have you tried freezing half a loaf of bread and then pulling it out when the first half is gone? Just a thought, however the pesto and tortilla chips look absolutely fabulous, so good I just may try it myself.

    • Ashli, every time I’m back in the States I talk to people who lurk on this blog. It’s always fun to find out who reads πŸ™‚ Glad you stop by occasionally.
      I haven’t tried freezing bread. Our freezer is tiny, but it’s actually never full so that might be a good idea. I’m also contemplating buying a bunch of plain bagels from a bagel cooperative in town and using those for sandwiches. I know they freeze well too. Thanks for the idea.

  6. my blog will be back up again on December 2nd at http://www.rosemoor.net. (People always tell me my blog makes them hungry. Probably because I have soooo many people to feed here. LOL!)

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