A Visitor

Our sheet metal roof is always fairly noisy. It pops in the hot sun, it rattles when the birds drop stones and who-knows-what-else down upon it and it roars during a good rain. Yesterday it sounded like it was being torn off.

A monkey crashed onto the roof from the neighboring trees. The dogs went crazy. The monkey calmly made its noisy way from one end of the house to the other. The dogs circled the house and continued to bark wildly. The monkey teased them by peering over the end of the roof.

This morning the monkey was still on the roof and, as soon as the sun came up, it continued to tease the dogs. Theo promised to make it go away “by placing a few stones.” I assume he meant to place the stones on the monkey itself and not on the roof. Regardless, the house is now monkey-free.

Ah, silence.

Well, silence on the roof anyway.


2 Responses to “A Visitor”

  1. hahahaaa!!!! jeeze. i wish i had a monkey problem O_o. ha.

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