Did you know…

“Mrs. Crocker?”

“Yes, Casey.”

“Did you know that you don’t have to carry Ellie Jo around all the time? They make these little seats with handles and she can just sit in that.”

Oh the plight of a babywearing family…


4 Responses to “Did you know…”

  1. Oh…my…word…laughing! And btw….sooo glad to see Ellie Jo join the sweet cheeks club!! Robin looks great in the green! Yes, I am exclamation point-happy:P

    • Kileah, I am so happy about her chub πŸ™‚ The cheeks are very Crocker and very cute πŸ˜› And about that green…oh man, we were not expecting it to be so bright! We thought it would be more of a sage color, but the spring hue has been growing on us for sure πŸ™‚

  2. This picture gives Ellie Jo a little bit of a red tint to her hair. Is she a “copper-tone” baby in real life? And those blue eyes! What a darling!

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