Cultural Cuteness

According to the students, just about every appendage and facial expression of Ellie Jo’s is cute. Even though I know they are not representative of entire cultures, I’ve been making a list of what is cute to each nationality. Here’s my list so far:

Eyes – British
Nose – Rwandan
Tongue – South African
“Chubby” cheeks – Swedish
Knees – Kenyan
Hair – Belorussian
Yawn – Guatemalan
Stare – Ethiopian

Also, what do you say when an eighth grade boy asks what your dating policy is going to be?

You’ll be too old.


2 Responses to “Cultural Cuteness”

  1. Ellie Jo – sporting “multi-cultural-cuteness”. What could be more charming? And she looks Shafferish in this one. So Sweet. Wish I was one of your students this week:-)

  2. The Dutch universally thought that Sion was adorable when we were there. It was the mutt brown eyes! LOL All the children there have blue, so brown is supposedly melting to them!

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