Baby likes the sound of her Benz

Last year we purchased our Mercedes because we needed a car seat-friendly vehicle. Our goal wasn’t to buy a luxury car, but we got a good deal and the quality of the car really shines through on our bumpy dirt road. Now that we have the car seat installed and in use, Ellie Jo is showing us another reason the car was a good idea:

She loves the sound of the engine.

These school mornings are a bit early for the little girl and she’s usually unhappy that we have to wake up and get dressed on a schedule other than her own. She’s pretty fussy by the time we strap her into her car seat. Then Robin starts the car and…silence. We don’t even have to be moving for her to calm down and begin falling asleep.

We have a child with discriminating taste.

(We’re in the middle of transitioning from dry season to rainy so the days are hot while the mornings are cool. Thus the hat and socks)


3 Responses to “Baby likes the sound of her Benz”

  1. How is this car seat working out?

    • We like the car seat pretty well. On hot days she gets really sticky (no a/c and the dirt road is so dusty we can’t leave the windows down), but it’s not too bad. the only problem is that the seat really does take up a lot of space! The passenger seat is slid all of the way forward and the car seat still barely fits.

  2. I hope she is more comfortable shape wise even if it is hot and bulky

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