Traditional Pictures

Saying that my dad loves to take pictures doesn’t quite do him justice. My dad’s camera is an extension of his involvement in the world. He captures life around him on film as his own way of creating memories and marking milestones. Me and all of my siblings grew up with a comfortable affection for the camera and I have fond memories of sitting around the kitchen table eagerly looking through new rolls of developed pictures.

One day, when I was about eight, my dad took a (now cherished) picture. Me, one of my brothers, my sister and our “adopted” sisters were playing around before lunch. Dad lined us all up against the wall just to get us to settle down a bit before the meal was ready. Then, snap, he captured our childhood.

We try to recreate the photograph every few years.

This summer we continued that tradition. I think it captures our young adulthood.

Thanks Dad.


5 Responses to “Traditional Pictures”

  1. Love it!

  2. Beautiful children, beautiful adults!!

  3. I loved all of you as cute little children and love you even more as beautiful adults. These wall pictures are such a good memory.

  4. This post reminds me of a blog where people send pictures of themselves when they are kids and recreate it with them at their current age. Some are certainly better than others.

  5. Yes, THANK YOU, Bill! I love this picture and the subjects even more!

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