Aunt B’s Wedding

By Robin

August 26, 2010


Category: By Amy

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Last fall I posted a gorgeous picture from my sister’s engagement and said that she would be getting married this summer. Well, Aunt B and her fiance spent the past year finishing their respective undergrad degrees and planning their dream wedding. He was a film major and she was an acting major so can you say “quirky wedding?”

There were typewriters instead of guest books, 800 cupcakes in place of wedding cake, popcorn where there should have been birdseed and buttons replacing flowers.

“Buttons?” you ask

Yes, anyone available spent weeks making small stacks of three or four graduated buttons and looping a bit of floral wire through the tops to hold everything together. The wire extended down as the stem and the buttons became the flower. It took about 30 “flowers” to make a respectable bouquet and there were 5 bridesmaids and one bride who needed bouquets. Plenty of work for all. But! They turned out beautifully and make wonderful keepsakes (not to mention that in a pinch they’d work as rain dance shakers).

Instead of posting a gorgeous wedding picture (they’re probably copyrighted anyway and plus I was in the wedding and took hardly any pictures that didn’t involve my daughter) I’m posting a traditional sister squishy face picture. Congratulations, little sister. Love your life.

One Response to “Aunt B’s Wedding”

  1. Wow! I’d love to see those button boquets!
    As for not posting a gorgeous wedding picture, I’d say you failed. You two are beautiful sisters!

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